‘I was struggling to figure out how lightning works then it struck me’

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I wanted to write poetry since I was 6. I remember my dad wrote a sweet little poem for my 5th birthday on a cute funny card. My dad was an artist and a teacher. He had very many different talents and he wrote some poems from time to time. I suppose that it was only natural for me to write my first poem about my dad…
A couple years ago my 6 year old niece wrote her first poem about her grandfather…
I wanted to sing since about 7, but for many years it remained just a dream… Now it is time to say: ‘Dreams do come true!’


Don’t hold against me, Almighty Lord
That I am in love with Sinful Earth
With all the Passions and the Dirt…
Please, please forgive me Gracious Lord,
That rarely do I hear your Word –
Your healing Wisdom in my Soul,
And that my thoughts are prowling freely
Away from Judgments of your Sword…
Don’t hold against me, Almighty Lord
That Passions rule my simple world,
That Inspiration strikes me wildly
And numbs my senses and accord.
My world is small and far from perfect,
I fear You, but You are far,
I often seek my day’s Salvation in
Sinful songs that are “Sub-Par”…
But take from me that flaming Magic,
That force that carries me along…
Keep me away from thirsty yearning
And constant longing for a song!
And when I am free from Scary Passion
I’ll head towards Salvation Path

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‘Prayer’ by Michail Lermontov, English – by Vesper Lynd